“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”

– Henry Ford

These words of legendary businessman and path-breaking visionary Henry Ford sum up the significance of the importance of an efficient team. This rule of teamwork is applied to every field of business whereas sales and marketing operations in the real estate sector are no different.

In today’s extremely competitive real estate scenario & existing cutthroat competition, having an advantage in the business strategy is always considered sane. One of the most important tools that a builder can have to ensure his position in the market is to stay one step ahead by investing in a strong sales team. So, let’s have more clarity on the importance of the sales team in the Real Estate sector.

Sales team as an effective client touch point

It is evidently noted that 71 percent of builders in the real estate arena base their selling decisions on trust & believability. The sales team understands their target audiences’ needs & simultaneously communicates the benefits of the products & services the builder has to offer so that they can truly appeal to the audience & build the necessary loyalty.

Sales team as an effective mobilizer of Pre-sales

Pre-sales in real estate help buyers to be confident in their decisions & create trust between them & developers. There are certain ways to ensure that the pre-sale launch is a definite success, which requires an experienced team in place solely focusing on executing the necessary strategy in place. The main motive for all real estate developers is to tell the importance of property through pre-sales & for that one needs an effective sales team in place being mentored by a marketing manager delivering strategies via digital marketing tools.

Sales team as a liaising entity

In performing their duties, the real estate sales executives’ team oversees the promotion of property sales on advertisement media and listing services. They meet with clients and prospects interested in properties to offer them real estate deals. As part of their duties, they communicate with clients to identify their requirements and choice of property. Real estate sales executives oversee the preparation and approval of documents such as purchase agreements and lease contracts. Their role also includes coordinating the closing of property deals to ensure vital documents are signed and payments received. Usually, they facilitate arrangements to give buyers a view of a property before concluding a sales deal. They are also in charge of the inspection of a property to ensure the terms and conditions of sales are met before closing sales. This way, Real estate sales executives act as intermediaries liaising between property sellers and prospective buyers to broker property deals.

Formulating sales proposition

A real estate sales team has the responsibility of assisting the superiors in the formulation of the sales proposition, project brief, FAQ, and cost of projects based on market feedback and information. It also involves expanding the channel partner base and coordinating with them regularly for sales. The real estate sales team develops strategies and executes tactics that communicate their company’s brand message. They train the members of the channel partners for every project and share project-specific updates with Channel Partners on a regular basis.

So, to sum it up, an efficient sales team is the key to a successful real estate client conversation ratio. That’s where the expert velocity sole selling sales team of the Pyramids can come as a force multiplier for boosting sales of the real estate developer. With holistic marketing, and branding programs to effectively position real estate projects in the market, the expert sole selling team of Pyramids gives its clients a strategic advantage over the market competition.

Pyramids is that winning team with which every wise real estate developer would like to connect.