“To sell something is an art and a need, born out of the birth of human civilization.”

Even though selling as an act and transaction has been in human society for time immemorial, the concept of real estate sales teams has been around for more than 30 years. According to a study, 90% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend the same agent to others. If you have a great core sales team you can create an enjoyable process for clients & turn one sale into multiple opportunities. If disorganized, the real estate process can be time-consuming, frustrating & full of back & forth discussions between the seller & the buyer. But if you’re able to streamline the sales process, not only will you save time but also, you’ll be able to close deals more efficiently. Here is how you can go about it:


It might come as a surprise, but as a realtor, you need to conduct research on your seller. Just like any sales relationship, the stronger it is, the more chance you have of achieving the desired outcome. Ask the seller about their property, their motivations for selling it & what they hope to get out of the experience. Not only will this strengthen your relationship, but you’ll also gain a sense of their goals & expected timeline around the sale. If a seller is speaking with other agents regarding the sale of their property, provide them with a plan that you’re the last agent they speak to.


Now that you’ve cemented your relationship with the seller, you need to formulate a plan to make sure their property looks as attractive as it possibly can in front of potential buyers. The best way to ensure this is to stage their property in a manner that one can visualize their property as their future home. On average the chances of an upstaged home sitting on the market are 90% higher than that of staged properties.

Pre Sales & Marketing Tools

Pre-sales plays an important role when it comes to property selling. Make sure you come up with a well-researched & constructed plan for launching the pre-sales of the property, this means covering all grounds in marketing the pre-launch. Remember you aren’t just selling your client’s property; you’re promoting your agency as well to make sure your agency’s branding across all marketing channels is intact & consistent.

Negotiate the Sales process

Once you’ve hooked a buyer, the commercially driven discussions can begin. As a realtor, negotiating a sale can be stressful & tense, as a core sales team it is up to you to handle any offers & counter offers with the client. Your goal here as a team is to get the desired price & terms agreed upon as smoothly as you can before the buyer changes his mind. You can do this by setting up reminders & notifications followed by regular follow-ups. As a sales team make sure you clarify the terms of the settlement, the maximum loan amount the buyer is eligible to receive, terms for financing & down payments as well as making sure all paperwork is intact & proofread.

Close the sale

The final steps to closing your seller’s property involve a final inspection, providing the buyer with necessary paperwork & finally taking the property off the market. As per law, a full disclosure agreement must be provided to the buyer, and address issues at hand which may be of potential concern to the customers & if all goes it’ll be a smooth sailing deal for both your agency & the Builder

To sum it up, one can say that the road to engaging in successful real estate market selling is not easy but a meshwork of many things that can go square one at any time. That is why it needs the support of expert velocity sole selling real estate firms like Pyramids to ensure customers are not just interested in the real estate property but also end up purchasing the property providing good profits for the real estate development investment at the same time ensuring benefits for the real estate customer as well.

With Pyramids, you develop, we deliver.