“Strong women don’t have ‘attitudes’,
we have standards.”

– Marilyn Monroe

This quote from a Hollywood legend resonates cent percent with Shraddha Kakkad, founder of Pyramids Properties. She is an example of today’s modern successful strong woman donning various hats at the same time with elegance, charm, and confidence. Shraddha Kakkad has had quite a journey & we’d like to take you through it.

Humble Beginning

Shraddha comes from humble beginnings; her journey is one that has the potential to touch many lives & inspire the women of today. It’s an exemplary example of what a woman of substance can achieve once she sets out to conquer the world. Shraddha started her journey from the very bottom, her first job being selling sim cards in Nashik-a city in Maharashtra, where her father faced the fate of luck by going insolvent & her mother encouraged her to take her life by the horns for her individual self & step out into the real world.

Arrival in Pune and Fashion Industry

Later on, Shraddha moved to Pune and explored the world of opportunities. She enrolled herself in a degree program in Interior Designing, whilst simultaneously still selling sim cards after her college hours & working part-time in a Bank trying to meet ends both for herself & her family. Money was the only way out she realized very early on in her career & decided to go for it. But the fire inside her to do something different was always burning. That is why she decided to opt for the world of fashion and modeling. In spite of making it big in the world of Pageants by getting crowned Miss Nashik in 2000 & Miss Pune in 2005, she knew she didn’t have enough financial strength to cater to her needs. At the very tender age of 18, she started her own firm of Interior Designing & by 24, she became one of the proclaimed designers in the city which added another feather to her hat.

Personal Front

At 25, Shraddha decided to not only focus on her professional life but also wanted to start a family & decided to settle down. Who knew that she was about to be blessed in ways more than one & play the role of a mother to a beautiful baby boy. However, the role of a mother ignited the maternal instinct within her thereby nudging her to close the firm and resume the role of a hands-on mom. But she wasn’t ready to bid adieu to the journey of being a Pageant queen & was then crowned Mrs. India & Mrs. United Nations to her credit.

Rise and Rise of pyramids

After having a few hiccups in her personal life, she decided that she was going to face this curveball that life has thrown her way & started her own Sole Selling company for the real estate industry. And ever since its evolution there has been no looking back, Shraddha has set her mark in the real estate industry, allowing her firm to be the first pick when it comes to sole selling.

Today, she is one of the youngest & successful women entrepreneurs in Pune. She strongly believes that focus, dedication & vision are the 3 most important tools that form the crux of one’s success story. In addition to this, she also owns multiple companies, one of the, being an educational hub for models & pageant winners.

Her journey is a clear example that you can put a woman down a number of times, but be sure to know she will rise like a phoenix every single time.

Are you a young success story in making yourself?