Sole selling is the ultimate calling for the real estate market today. Caught in the real estate slump after the economic meltdown and COVID pandemic, real estate builders and developers are in desperate need to sell their real estate properties. In this situation, sole selling real estate marketing has come as a much-needed blessing for the real estate developer in distress. It has revolutionized the way marketing; brand promotion and customer interactions are taking place in the real estate space today.

Granting sole marketing rights to a single real estate branding and marketing entity; ensures more personalized & targeted real estate marketing. The sole selling company becomes responsible for the selling, marketing, and brand promotion strategy of the project right from selling at a targeted rate, making quarterly sales plans, ensuring timely collections & aligning agreements. It also enables hassle-free possessions, publishing brochures, identifying potential clients and showing the property to the potential buyer.

Let’s understand why sole selling is the future of the retail estate sector.


By appointing a sole selling company to handle the real estate project, clients bestow faith in sole selling marketing practices. Such sole selling companies aim to work with a client in a spirit of loyalty and in a manner that will keep their cost of sales & marketing at an affordable cost range. This ultimately helps in profit realization for real estate developers.


As the name suggests, a sole selling marketing firm undertakes a range of selling and marketing activities and campaigns. To ensure such a wide variety of activities working coherently and in good quality, the sole selling marketing team needs an expert team with a diverse set of skills that has a sound understanding of the real estate market and customer base, their needs, and their preferences. The team members of a sole selling real estate company consisted of thoroughly trained members with an in-depth study. Such team members understand the overall market scenario, the current market trend, an eye for potential buyers, the needed strategy to negotiate & positive client mobilization. Also, with a sole selling company you are at liberty to either downsize or recruit more executives to the team as the market scenario demands. The sole selling company also ensures hand holding of clients for their after-sale queries & thus develops an interpersonal strong bond between the real estate developer & the client for future dealings.


The pandemic has hit the economy in ways more than one can anticipate, so any chance of minimizing the overhead costs is nothing short of a catch. As a construction company, when you outsource the whole selling department, real estate developers can escape additional costs in terms of overlooking the staff meetings, and assessing & analyzing staff meetings. The revenue generation for a sole selling company is single-handedly dependent on the selling of real estate properties. That can function as a positive determinant toward achieving sales targets.


Since the sole selling company takes complete responsibility for marketing, campaign designing, advertisement, and client engagement it helps the real estate developers in saving precious time. It also helps them to relieve the burden of marketing, sales, and advertising so that real estate developers can focus more time and attention upon ensuring better quality real development generation with timely delivery of the project to their clients.


The appointment of multiple agencies can lead to considerable confusion & sometimes even legal wrangles. It can also create internal clashes within the selling teams since many times their priorities can come up with loggerheads with each other. When there is a single agency solely handling the functions of real estate sales, the team of such sole selling marketing agencies works in sync & unanimously towards the same end goal to ensure better customer attention and positive retention.

This is where real estate velocity sole-selling firm like Pyramids come to the forefront. Pyramids acts as a quintessential sole selling company ensuring in-depth marketing, designing, and velocity campaigns. It has an expert team of 35 members which ensures the 360 ‘end-to-end’ selling and marketing services for its real estate clients. It not only helps real estate developers sell their ready inventories but create brand development, brand promotion, and brand management which ultimately lead to the development of the whole ecosystem of effective project selling and marketing. In a nutshell, velocity sole selling real estate marketing has all it takes to connect your real estate projects to prospective customers. Sole selling real estate marketing is indeed the future of the real estate sector and it is here to stay for a longer period.